Citing ODES

If you use ODES as part of your research, can you please cite the ODES JOSS paper. A bibtex entry for the paper is below:

  doi = {10.21105/joss.00165},
  url = {},
  year  = {2018},
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  publisher = {The Open Journal},
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  pages = {165},
  author = {Benny Malengier and Pavol Ki{\v{s}}on and James Tocknell and Claas Abert and Florian Bruckner and Marc-Antonio Bisotti},
  title = {{ODES}: a high level interface to {ODE} and {DAE} solvers},
  journal = {The Journal of Open Source Software}

Individual releases have DOIs on Zenodo, which you can cite in addition to the JOSS paper. Additionally, if you use one of the SUNDIALS solvers, we strongly encourage you to cite the SUNDIALS papers. Finally, ODES is built upon the hard work of the numpy, scipy and Cython developers, we strongly encourage you to cite them also.